Specializing in promoting business

in Europe and Japan


iinola is a boutique consulting firm offering internationalization and business development support. Our primary focus is to help companies in Europe and Japan establish partnerships.

By offering a native understanding of the marketplaces we help you bridge the gap between two very diverse cultures, allowing you to successfully integrate into a new market and to gain a competitive advantage.

​We understand the complexities of trading, including regulatory systems and the economic climate. Regardless of how difficult the process may seem, iinola has the expertise to make your vision a reality.



We’re committed to work as a business partner and act the best of our clients.


iinola offers assistance in e.g.,:

  • evaluation of readiness to enter the targeted market

  • well-informed research on market condition and opportunities

  • finding and meeting the most suitable partners for business in Japan/EU

  • producing relevant and linguistically accurate promotion including trade fair support

  • advising on product development to meet specific needs of the specific market

  • handling all aspects of the administrative and legal requirements of export business 



We are a quality- and excellence-oriented company, and our clients play a key role, being our best reference and our guarantee. Our wide client portfolio includes:

• Government organizations 

• Municipalities 

• Public institutions and organizations 

• Research organizations 

• Private companies 

• Associations 

• Educational institutions 

• EU projects 

We have specific market knowledge in the field of the bioeconomy and forestry. In recent years, we have extended our services to other sectors such as technology industry and lifestyle & design.



iinola Ltd.

Joensuu, Finland



Tel: +358 (0)45 647 8000

Business ID: FI275500694